RGB Renk Sensörü Nedir? Nasıl Kullanılır? -Yusuf Gündoğdu

Yusuf Gündoğdu bir projesinde kullandığı RGB renk sensörünün nasıl çalıştığını ve nasıl kullanıldığını anlatıyor.
Capacitive Liquid Level Sensor
This video demonstrates Loadstar Sensors iLevel - liquid level sensing solution. It is based on our Capacitive Sensing Platform that provides a very easy-to...


AEMs UEGO O2 Sensor Test - How to check to see if your aftermarket O2 sensor is bad
Have an AEM Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge and want to see if your O2 sensor has gone bad? This is a simple test to see if your sensor has gone bad or is still okay.


Color Sensor
Color sensor for final project


Light Level Sensor with LCD Read-out
The next step from the light level sensor was to hook up an LCD for a serial read-out of the light level.


How to clean DSLR sensor - Part 1
In this I will show how you can clear your DSLR camera sensor yourself using various techniques.


sensor qrd114 como practica de sensor digital
sensor qrd114 como practica de sensor digital


Sensor Elektronic, Regensdorf; Sensor Elektronic: Commercials / Promotional: : by astramedia
Sensor Elektronic: Adlikerstrasse 79, 8105 Regensdorf, Tel: +41-44-8402075 Email: sensor@hispeed.ch Sensor Elektronic


Cosimir Ornek Program ve I/O Kullanim
RV-E2 ile renk sensörü kullanılarak renklere göre kutuları yerleştirme uygulaması.


Cleaning A Mass Air Flow Sensor To Stop Hesitation
Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 44 years, shows how you can clean your vehicles MAF sensor to stop hesitation when you accelerate. They often get dirty...


Sensor Fusion on Android Devices: A Revolution in Motion Processing
Google Tech Talk August 2, 2010 ABSTRACT Presented by David Sachs. Gyroscopes, accelerometers, and compasses are increasingly prevalent in mainstream consume...


WSDA Wireless Sensor Data Aggregator Ultra Quick Start Video
A demonstration of how quickly a user can be up and running, using the MicroStrain WSDA Wireless Data Aggregator. The WSDA is a ruggedized, single board comp...


UPDATE: Canon 5D Mark II / 50D Fluorine sensor filter cleaning
Canon has recently released more information regarding their new fluorine coated sensor filters found in the 5Dm2 and 50D cameras. The most notable changes b...


Fall Sensor
Using and accelerometer, PIC 18f4620 and GSM module to detect a fall. When a fall is detected send a text message via a GSM. Language used: C


Arduino LM335a Temp Sensor 128x64 GLCD
Simple temperature sensor setup through an Arduino to display the temperature on an LCD


Wireless Sensor Networks [WSN] applied to industrial automation [JC]
So... The idea is pretty simple! Put a sensor node (master) to control 255 nodes (slaves) of and industrial application. The master will ask about the curren...


Elektromanyetik Park Sensörü(Electromagnetic parking sensor with Golf)
Tampon delinmeden manyetik şeritler halinde yapıştırılıyor ve 3cmye kadar kusursuz yanaşabiliyorsunuz... Improves parking safety. Detection in all direction...


Wideband Oxygen Sensor Install
Mighty Car Mods install a wideband oxygen sensor kit into the March SuperTurbo, which is one of the best ways to monitor your cars tune, Get MAD MCM Stuff at...


Cleaning your Digital SLR sensor
This video show how I clean my DSLR sensor on my Canon EOS 30D. I use a simple, safe, effective, and easy method.


Week 4: Ultrasonic Range Sensor
System that beeps when in range, and has red (too far) and green (too close) visual cues that progressively get dimmer when closer to target. Target is set b...


Sensor Cleaning liquid Evaporation Speed Test
In this video we test the evaporation rates of four popular sensor filter cleaner liquids, Eclipse*, E2*, Ultra Clean* and Sensor Clean*. This test demonstra...


LM35 sensor temprature circuit
This is a circuit with LM35 sensor for temprature. See the lighter the voltometer says the temprature. e.g if 242volts means 24.2 celsius degree.


Replacing the knock sensor, 4th gen Maxima (part 1 of 2)
How to replace the knock sensor in a 4th gen Maxima, part 1 of 2. Part 1 goes over how to use a ratchet and lots of extensions to get to the knock sensor bol...


[DE] CORE SENSOR Control Bar System
[DE] CORE SENSOR Control Bar System


Making a depth sensor probe for bore wells in India
Groundwater levels are declining in many parts of the world as demand for water increases. For water stressed communities this can put vital resources out of...


Ford MAF Sensor Cleaning
FORD Mass air flow sensors are in charge of measuring the amount of air that enters the engine. The FORD Mass Air Flow sensor is a very delicate sensor. It u...


Banner iVu
The iVu seriesTG Image Sensor combines the simplicity of a photoelectric sensor and the intelligence of a vision sensor, delivering powerful and affordable i...


Wireless Security System - Sky
Home and Office security system provides audio / visual indications. Alert the user to things happening around the premises.


Avago ADJD-S371-Q999 Color Sensor Demo
Just a quick demo of the ADJD-S371-Q999 color sensor from Avago, and the Spark Fun breakout board. The video shows the sensor interfaced with a PC as I hold ...


Absolute Fiber Optic Position Sensor
Micronors new MR330 series is the worlds first commercially-available Fiber Optic Position Sensor (FOPS), with an all-optical design that combines interfer...


Raspberry Pi ultrasonic distance sensor with LCD
This video shows my test setup of a USB ultrasonic distance sensor connected to a Raspberry Pi. The readings are shown on a 16x2 LCD (HD44780). I want to use...


AVR ATmega32 128x64 Graphic LCD Humidity Sensor
This example shows you how to interface a serial humidity sensor with AVR. The result is shown on a 128x64 GLCD. The sensor is connected to USART of AVR.


How To Clean a Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF)
Here I demonstrate the simple steps involved with cleaning your mass airflow sensor. In this particular case I was troubleshooting a rough idle on a 2006 Che...


How does a color sensor work
See how a color sensor works, and get hints to make your own.


Dust-Aid: Test on Canon 5D ITO Sensor Filter
This is a test showing what happens when Dust-Aid is applied correctly to the manufacturers standard 5D ITO coated sensor filter.


STM32W wireless sensor solutions
A demonstration of STM32W 32-bit ARM ® Cortex™-M3 microcontrollers supporting wireless sensor network solutions based on the IEEE 802.15.4 RF standard.


Integrating the new OPTEX Redwall SIP-100Q w/ PTZ camera
See how the new REDWALL SIP-100Q can be integrated into a CCTV system by utilizing the "creep", "near" and "far" zones to trigger a PTZ camera.


How to clean the sensor on a Nikon D3s camera
How to clean the sensor on a Nikon D3s camera.


BMW Airbag Seat occupancy mat sensor bypass unit comparison E36, E46, E38, E39, E53 etc.
myworld.ebay.co.uk/preparefood In this video i want to compare proper vs badly made unit. If youre looking to buy one please visit my shop on eBay


IR Sensor (Sharp 2YOA02) Object Tracking with Arduino
Program name: IR_Object_Tracking_multiple_sample_007.pde


Capacitive Proximity Analog Sensor Experimenting
I made a few changes to the code. Obviously need a few more. I made a new sensor as well. This time instead of foil, its aluminum mesh, which works surprisin...


The Third Eye (Arduino and motion sensor)
VIS147A Final Project


Changing Coolant Temperature Sensor
Changing Coolant Temperature Sensor


Replacing a Camshaft position sensor on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring
As you saw in my other video of the Sebring, it kept stalling and the check engine light FINALLY came on a few weeks ago out of no where stating a Cam sensor...


VW Golf Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement - P0118
The Engine Management has been intermittently lighting on and off on my uncles golf for the past few months and we were considering taking it to someone with...


Smart Home IR Motion Detector and Door Window Magnetic Sensor Introduction-Wulian
Smart Home IR Motion Detector and Door Window Magnetic Sensor Introduction-Wulian


Cleaning Your Image Sensor Feat. Canon EOS 60D & Giottos Rocket Air
Just thought I would show you guy how to clean your image sensor on your DSLR using the Giottos Rocker Air.


Surprisingly Easy Sensor Cleaning and Dust Removal: Panasonic Lumix FX37 Digital Camera
Surprisingly Easy Sensor Cleaning and Dust Removal: Panasonic Lumix FX37 Digital Camera


Dust-Aid Platinum DSLR sensor cleaning up close
Here is a video of Dust-Aid Platinum cleaning dust off of a Nikon 300D sensor housing. Its pretty easy and effective.


Digital Level Transmitter With Rigid Level Sensor
Using the Digital Level Transmitter with the Rigid Level Sensor. Also, using the DH2 and LCD Panel.


Ultrasonic Sensor Calibration
Sensor measures distance.


PZT Sensor & Actuator
PZT as sensor and actuator. No power amp is used


Water Level Sensor Project
To measure empty, half-full, and full, we used two buoys as sensors. The buoys close the switches at different water levels by elastically closing the switch...


Arduino/TFT Touchscreen/VoltBarn Sensor Pack project
Demo of a project displaying data from my VoltBarn SensorPacks, this one using a TFT Touchscreen from adafruit, running on an Arduino Uno with a screwshield ...


Security Made Simple Door Window Sensor
Security Made Simple Door Window Sensor




ultrasonic range sensor
Trying to get sensor running. So far so good.


Quick-Check Nitrogen Purity Sensor Calibration
How to perform a two-point calibration for the Quick-Check Nitrogen Purity Sensor by South-Tek Systems.


Velostat Resistive Sensor
This is a simple example of a resistive sensor made of velostat. The harder the sensor is pressed, the more LEDs light up.


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