Başak Üstündağ [a.k.a betty puf puf] Mgb öncesi-sonrası 3.ay

20.04.2011de Doç.Dr.Halil Coşkun tarafından mini gastric bypass ameliyatı yapılan Başak Üstündağın 3.ay öncesi sonrası videosu.
Doc.Dr.Halil Coskun - Ebruli Programı
Ebru Şallının tarafından sunulan Doç. Dr. Halil Coşkun ve Başak Şekerparenin (Gastrik Bypass ameliyatı ile 70 kg vererek Tip 2 Diyabet hastalığı tedavi edi...

WHAT IS Roca Labs ® Gastric Bypass Procedure?
Roca Labs is a new medical invention replacing the dangerous and expensive gastric bypass surgery with a Formula that creates same gastric bypass effect and ...

Episode 83 -- Weeere Baack!!!!!
On this weeks episode of BariatricTV, our "I freakin did it" is a two timer. We take a look at what it means to be Pouch Slapped! We then take a look at how ...

Episode 84 -- Pouch Slapped
On this weeks episode of BariatricTV, our "I freakin did it" is a two timer. We take a look at what it means to be Pouch Slapped! We then take a look at how ...


Episode 75: Aging Gracefully
On this weeks episode of your favorite weight loss surgery interweb show we have a very patriotic I Freakin Did It We foist off the responsibility of naming ...

Gastric Bypass Product Review - Part 1
As I promised a few of you here is the review on the items we use since we both had gastric bypass surgery. We are doing this to inform you of how our lives ...

Laparoskopik Mide Kelepçesinden Mini Gastric Bypassa Geçiş Doç. Dr. Halil Coşkun
Daha önce Laparoskopik Mide Kelepçesi uygulanan hastanın tekrar geri kilo alımı sonucunda Kelepçenin çıkartılarak aynı seansta Laparoskopik olarak Mini Gastr...

Episode 77: Little Chocolaty Nugget of Heaven
On this weeks episode of your favorite weight loss surgery interweb show we have an "I Freakin Did It" that did something for the first time ever! Next we ta...

Since Im on the soft food stage, I thought Id pass along some good finds / tips that I got. Hope they help!

RocaLabs Mini Gastric Bypass No Surgery formula Day 1 4/5/2011
My first video journal about RocaLabs Gastric Bypass No Surgery Formula

Episode 78: Newbies vs. Oldies
On this weeks episode of your favorite weight loss surgery video show we have a new name for our on line chat support group. We talk about why you should hav...

Jess - 13 months Post opn Gastric Bypass - Weightloss - plastic surgery, Dumping Syndrome etc -
Talking about just about everything - My 13 month Post Op Gastric Bypass Update - Weightloss stats, pant size - 14-15, plastic surgery, etc... ask away if yo...

Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery Addiction with Alcohol
whats been going on with me for the past year.

gastric bypass liquid diet day3
gastric bypass pre-op liquid diet day 3, kids asking me questions about my surgery, informative and fun

What is Roca Labs ® for Men
Formula Creates Gastric Bypass Effect Roca Labs ® Formula is a safe and natural alternative to gastric bypass surgery. Taken in the morning, it creates an imm...

Roca Labs Gastric Bypass Review 2
Charzay6 reviews Roca Labs Gastric Bypass

Başak Üstündağ [a.k.a betty puf puf] Mgb öncesi-sonrası 3.ay
20.04.2011de Doç.Dr.Halil Coşkun tarafından mini gastric bypass ameliyatı yapılan Başak Üstündağın 3.ay öncesi sonrası videosu.

Roca Labs Review by #117
Ive lost weight and lowered my blood sugar levels using Roca Labs!

Roca Labs Vs. gastric bypass surgery
RocaLabs Natural Formula is much safer than gastric bypass surgery, and just as effective. Not only is a gastric bypass very costly, it is followed by pain, ...

Başarısız mide bandı çıkarılması ve mini gastrik bypass
Ayarlanabilir silikon mide bandı obezite cerrahisinin kısıtlayıcı metodlar grubunda yer alan bir ameliyattır. Özellikle Avrupada çok yaygın kullanılan mide ...

Grocery Finds: POP CHIPS
This weeks grocery finds were purchased at Fred Meyer.

it doesnt matter WHAT U DECIDE we are here for U

Obesity - Gastric Bypass Surgery Recovery 15 days Post-op

Roca Labs No Surgery Gastric Bypass- Week 4.avi
Still Losing The Weight!! Currently 189.9 lbs.

Roca Labs No Surgery Gastric Bypass Trial - Day 6
Ive Lost 2.1 lbs the first week (Day 6)!!! Current Weight: 197.3 lbs. -Sunday, May 7, 2011 Starting Weight: 199.4 lbs. -Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bypass-Trailer Castellano
Comedia rom ¡ntica producida por ABRA PROD y dirigida por Patxo Telleria y Aitor Mazo. Protagonizada por Gorka Otxoa, Sara C ³zar y B ¡rbara Goenaga

EXTREME weight loss for 100 lbs to lose - Real Story
gastric bypass before and after pictures & Roca Labs, extreme weight loss, gastric bypass, gastric bypass alternative, gastric bypass no surgery

Recipe-Crockpot Chicken With Mixed Vegetables
Thanks for watching!

NatGeo Ciencia de la obesidad
La Ciencia de la obesidad Producci ³n Original de NatGeo En este especial de una hora de National Geographic Channel nos adentraremos en los organismos de per...

Başak Üstündağ format c/ by Doç.Dr.Halil Coşkun
Başak Üstündağ (a.k.a) betty puf puf before-after gastric bypass, lost 33 kilos - 3 months. Format c/ by Assoc. Prof. Halil Coşkun MD

Joe Crookston, Logical
Performing at the Outpost in the Burbs in Montclair, NJ. May 28, 2008. Accompanied by Randall Williams, Lindsay Mac and Anthony da Costa

1 Year, 165lbs lost!~!~! Quick Crazy update
I had R-N-Y Gastric Bypass on 3/15/10 and it set the story for the last year. I was extremely unhappy and dying at 430lbs at 22 years old and decided to chan...

Sick episode...
What not to do!

liquid diet and scars
Liquid diets are not fun.. Pictures are at the end of the video of before and after operation shots

Bariatric Surgery for the Treatment of Diabetes - Taking Control of Your Diabetes
Diabetes, Obesity and Bariatric Surgery: Dr. Steven Edelman discusses bariatric surgery, with a focus on gastric bypass, as a tool for the management a type ...

crosspecans story click here
shaylossmysterygal crosspecans does away with all soda milk & coffee 105 weight loss in the last 9 months many thanks to all my friends on youtube .............

Excela Health-e-minute - Dr. Peter Bertin Discusses Weight Loss Surgery Options
If you or someone you love is overweight and is interested in weight loss surgery options, bariatric surgery might be the answer. Dr. Peter Bertin, Excela He...

Bariatric Advantage Vitamin Taste Test
Taste testing my new French Vanilla & Chocolate Mint Vitamins

Iron & Vitamin D Deficiency
Iron & Vitamin D Deficiency

Wk 3 Post-Op TT and Wk 95 Post-op lapband.wmv
Seroma, Seroma.... Thats all I can say. I need a fill, but waiting after Vegas Trip. Just a little update. Thanks for all the comments.... XOXO

Laparoscopic Circular Stapled Gastro Jejunal Anastomosis by Nasser Sakran MD.wmv
Constructing and completing the Gastro-jejunal Anastomosis (GJA) is a chealenging step during LRYGB. Several techniques for performing the GJA were described...

Episode 80: Have Some Puddin, Puddin
On this weeks episode of BTV, PamelaDV did it to her hair! Are you freaking out as your weight loss surgery date gets closer? We take a look at the "Clean yo...

Bariatric surgery, weight loss surgery, RNY, Gastric Bypass UPDATE
Again this is my choice, I hope you will support me in that choice. If you have negative comments please leave them to yourself....all I ask for is your supp...

Surgical Treatment of Morbid Obesity
Surgical Treatment of Morbid Obesity

Pato Pooh Interview W/Ametist - P1:Bringin It Back (Swedish Only)
Check out the interview Pato did with Ametist on her show " A Love Attack On Swedish Hip Hop" (dec 4th 2009) . She claimed on her blog that this was one of t...

Counter Strike - ByPass Etmek - Skini Sxe Geçirmek
Counter Strike - ByPass Etmek - Sxe geçmeyen skinleri sxe geçirmek

GM passlock 3 PK3 factory anti theft immobilozer bypass fix
Here is how to permanently and effectively get rid of your problematic GM factory anti theft system woes. For the parts shown visit lesscosales online

Roca Labs first users... testimonial
Roca Labs Formula is a medical innovation that creates a natural gastric bypass effect in the stomach. Its based on healthy fibers, and classified as a food...

VITAMINS!! Bariatric Advantage Calcium and Iron Review
Thanks to a fellow YouTuber, I have some new vitamins to try!!! So sweet of her to send them to me :) I decided to do a mini review of them and give my first...

Çalışan kalpte bypass - beating heart surgery
Op.Dr.Harun Gulmez , Özel Atasam Hastanesi

Prof. Dr. Yavuz Yörükoğlu, Koroner Bypass Ameliyatı
Prof. Dr. Yavuz Yörükoğlu Koroner Bypass Ameliyatı Ufuk Üniversitesi, Tıp Fakültesi Ocak, 2011

Eddie Stobart Scania G 400 Passes Crossflatts On The Bingley Bypass.
Just a video i took of a New Shape Scana G 400 tractor unit with a 3 Axle Tesco Trailer Which means it most just Delivered to the Tesco Express in Crossflatts.

Tanya Lost 54 lbs Success Story (Roca Labs Reviews)
Tanya gained weight on the Weight Watchers plan, many many diets and weight loss products. Weighing over 300 lbs. she considered the gastric bypass surgery. ...

The First Use of the V-Loc Suture for the Laparoscopic Gastric Plication (Mide Katlama Ameliyatı)
V-Loc is a revolutionary suture device, laparoscopic gastric plication is a novel bariatric procedure. We have used this device for this procedure, for the f...

Coronary bypass grafting with porcelain aorta
Dr Harun Gulmez, Atasam Hastanesi,

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