Give of Yourself (By Turgay Evren)

A poem written by Turgay Evren and read by Tom English.
Nivver gee up, Doric poem,Scottish poetry, About Depression
A Doric scots poem about depression and never to give up

Heartbreaking Poem of Palestinian Girl - English Subs
FILISTINI! FILISTINI! FILISTINI! Please keep the brothers, sisters and children of Palestine in your dua. May Allah (swt) guide us to victory over the Zionis...

Heinrich Heine - Love Poem
A poem of experience by Heinrich Heine (1797--1856), translated from the German by Walter Arndt.

Superhero - A Visual Poem
Mental illness touches everyone: our friends, co-workers, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters ... and even our children. The statistics are staggering ... 1 ...

Sufi Song I Rumi Poetry I Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumis Sufi Poem - Ishq-ka-khanjar
Mesmerising sufi poetry and sufi music (Ishq Ka Khanjar) from Sufi devotional album Rumi by Anandmurti Gurumaa. About the album (Rumi) Rumis words rule o...


a tiny pure spark of Light (Poem)
me sharing 1 of my Poems . . . in Darkness, ~there always is some kind of Light~, somewhere May we shine in the same Light (Namast ©) Thank You for Watching!

Desiderata Poem From Max Ehrmann - 1927
Special thanks to WiseMonkey888 for reminding me of this poem.

Baseball Poem
Joshua J Ballard and Connor Dooley performing their poem "Baseball" at The Cantab Lounge in Boston Massachusetts at The National Poetry Slam in 2011. Connor ...

Mothers Day Poem
A Mothers Day video we made for our mother. (We as in DeidaraLover80 and I. It was her idea, but I made the lol.) Its a poem. The author is annoymous...

From a Kenya boy, a Turkish poem (ADI MEHMET)
Turkiyeye 2005 Haziraninda dünyanin 47 ulkesinden ogrenciler geldi ve Ankarada Turkce yarismasina katildilar. Isa ARES de Kenyadaki Turk Okulunda okuyan...

Rendezvous 2010, poem reading by MUSHTAQ
Campus fest of Madeenathunnoor, Markaz garden, Poonoor, calicut, INDIA

JUST ONCE - James Ingram - poem Your Splendour by Clau
Music: JUST ONCE - James Ingram (Quincy Jones) (Detentor dos direitos autorais: UMG) With poem YOUR SPLENDOUR(original) written by Claudia Your splendour... ...

Chohay Ka Bacha (Animated Urdu Poem)
Animated Urdu Poem for all Urdu Lovers especially Kids!

Ajay Shaw recites a poem on Democracy in India- ( English captions )
Ajay Shaw recites a Poem on democracy in India at the public meetings called by COMMITTEE FOR THE PROTECTION OF DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS (CPDR) MUMBAI ON "THREAT TO...

Attil ¢ ilhan - istanbul Ağrısı
istanbul ağrısı kanatları parça parça bu ağustos geceleri yıldızlar kaynarken şangır şungur ayaklarımın dibine dökülen sen eğer yine istanbulsan yine kan kö...

Marc reads a poem at JMCs Volunteer Appreciation Celebration
Marc reads a poem at JMCs Volunteer Appreciation Celebration. "Pumpkin spice and everything sweet Once a week we try to meet To reflect in Jewish thinking A...

Richard Burton reads Ernest Dowsons poem Non sum qualis eram bonae sub regno Cynarae
Ernest Dowsons most celebrated poem read by one of the most celebrated voices of our time. The of the poem refers to Horaces Odes, Book 4 poem 1 line...

Hira Urdu Poem Titly ho main Titly hon,URDY Nursery poem rhymes,
Hira Urdu Poem Titly ho main Titly hon,URDY Nursery poem rhymes,

Sitor Situmorang reads poem for Pramudya Ananta Toer
Pramudya Ananta Toer died three years ago. In his commemoration a meeting was held at Goethe House Jakarta where Sitor read his poem Blora for his friend Pram

Ernest Dowson "Cynarae" Poem animation
Heres a virtual movie of the brilliant but tragic English poet Ernest Dowson (1867 - 1900) reading his exquisite and best known "Cynarae" Ernest Christopher ...

Anna Swir "Tomorrow. they will carve me" Poem animation
Heres a virtual movie of the celebrated Polish poetess Anna Swir reading an English Translation of posibly her best known poem "Tomorrow. they will carve me"...

KALBiM YANSIN! Sevda dolu gözlerimin sen ki ferini al Yolunu kaybeden gayemin fırtınası ol. Şefkat limanından beni; dert sahrasına sal Ölgün ruhumun sen: rak...

Rupert Brooke "The Soldier" Poem animation
Heres a virtual movie of Rupert Brooke reading his best known poem "The Soldier" The Soldier is a poem written by Rupert Brooke. The poem is the fifth of a s...

Poem   la Carte, solist: Bart Claessens
Poem   la Carte uitgevoerd door de Philharmonie Sittard o.l.v. Jacques Claessens. Solist: Bart Claessens. Opname: Jean Geurts

Nedan Rambo - Beeh (Poem)
Nedan recites a funny and touching poem to Beeh Keo at our Red Cross banquet.

Spring Waltz OST- Love Poem
a love music from spring waltz favourite music....sounds sad and happy...

Poem   la Carte for symphonic band and trombone - Vincenzo Paratore solist
Concert for trombone and band in Jeju ,Korea august 2009 Concerto per trombone e banda a Jeju in Korea agosto 2009 solista Vincenzo Paratore

Poem - Zdenko Fibich - Ezra Williams
The beautiful Poem by Zdenko Fibich, played by Ezra Williams at the Unit 24 Gallery in London.

Alfred Lord Tennyson "Tears, Idle Tears" Poem animation
Heres a virtual movie of the great Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809--1892) reading his exquisite and much loved poem "Tears, Idle Tears" "Tears, Idle Tears" is a l...

Robert Burns "A Mans a Man for A That" Poem animation
Heres a virtual movie of the great Robert Burns reading his exquisite poetic rant on the injustices suffered by the poor man "A Mans a Man for A That" The ...


Max Ehrmann "Desiderata" - "Desired Things" Poem animation
Heres a virtual movie of the American poet Max Ehrmann reading his exquisite inspirational poem "Desiderata" (From the Latin: " Desired things").. The poem i...

D H Lawrence "The Mess of Love" Poem animation
Heres a virtual movie of D. H. Lawrence reading his poem "The Mess of Love" published around 1929. David Herbert Richards Lawrence (11 September 1885 2 March...

Heinrich Heine "When Two Who Love Are Parted" Poem animation
Heres a virtual movie of the very gifted German Romantic poet Heinrich Heine (13 December 1797 17 February 1856). reading his sweet lovely,but sad little poe...

Rupert Brooke" Peace" Poem animation WW1
Heres a virtual movie of Rupert Brooke reading his much loved poem "Peace" This sonnet was inspired by his experience with the Royal Naval Division during ...

Self hate to self harm - Poem
Reading an older poem about self harm This no longer reflects how I feel, but it once did Self hate I didnt know you, and I didnt care You just existed whe...

"Cockatoo," A Poem by William J. Barnum
From Stone Soup Poetrys Open Mike on July 6, 2009.

gymnastics training poem
Just to clear things up, i did NOT write this but i did make the video : ) Patience is a mans greatest virtue, or so the saying goes. A gymnast must have sa...

Leili Kashani Speaks About Djamel Ameziane and Reads a Poem from Guant ¡namo
Witness Against Tortures Fast for Justice - Day 9: The Center for Constitutional Rights Advocacy Program Manager, Leili Kashani, speaks about Guant ¡namo de...

Edith Sitwell "Still Falls the Rain" Poem animation
Heres a virtual movie of the celebrated English poet and eccentric Edith Sitwell reading her poem "Still Falls the Rain" Which was written during the very da...

Ahmed Arif ( Takis) Poem siir Akşam Erken iner Mahpus ¢neye
A poem from Ahmet Arif ( Takis is reading) Yunanistanli bir dosttan Ahmed Arif siiri Akşam Erken iner Mahpus ¢neye Akşam erken iner mahpush ¢neye Ejderha olsa...

Joshua J Ballard "For Justine"
;Joshua J Ballard performing his poem "For Justine" in Albuquerque, New Mexico at The Peace and Justice Center while on The Photo Booth Tour with Chris Rockwe...

Babaziz Filminden Arapça Şiir Sahnesi (Arabic Poem from Babaziz, Iran Movie)
English: Great sea, memory of desire, Blazing and burning fire New day that stands in contrast Past loves that dwell in the sea O my country, marvel of the E...

Rachmaninov: The Isle of the Dead, Symphonic poem Op. 29 - Andrew Davis
Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra Sir Andrew Davis, conductor

Kürtce Ilahi Siir - Kurdish Islamic Poem Nasheed ISLAM - KURDISTAN
Kurdish islamic poem nasheed song kürtce ilahi islam kurdistan

"Lines on Roger Hiltons Watch" by WS Graham
"Lines on Roger Hiltons Watch" a poem by W.S. (Sydney) Graham following the death of the painter. Read by Rose Hilton. Lines on Roger Hiltons watch Which I...

Richard Burton reads Dylan Thomas - from Under Milk Wood: Rev. Eli Jenkins poem
The Welshman Richard Burton all over! REV. ELI JENKINS Dear Gwalia! I know there are Towns lovelier than ours, And fairer hills and loftier far, And groves m...

A poem Ill sing out loud - Bribryontour - Stop Motion
A poem Ill sing out loud - Bribryontour - Stop Motion

On the Road to Mandalay - Live Concert Recording - Music by Oley Speaks; Poem by Rudyard Kipling
A full-blooded concert performance of this famous old standard. Sung by Russell Malcolm (baritone), accompanied by Robin Versteeg - piano. Edited with film f...

Joshua J Ballard & Connor Dooley "Baseball"
;Joshua J Ballard & Connor Dooley performing their poem "Baseball" at the 2011 National Poetry Slam in Boston, Massachusetts. Joshua and Connor were part of t...

Tuhfatul Atfaal Poem - Read by Shiekh Kamaal FathAllah Al-Misri
Tuhfatul Atfaal - Read by Shiekh Kamaal FathAllah Al Misri Poem on Tajweed Rules for beginners.

Charles Lamb (1775--1834) -- Poem: The old familiar faces, read by Tony Britton
Charles Lamb (1775--1834) -- Poem: The old familiar faces, read by Tony Britton

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What If by William Hudson

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