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Inside Iraq - The Iraq war: Success or blunder?
Was toppling Saddam Husseins regime worth the enormous cost paid by millions of Iraqis? And where do Iraqis go to seek justice and compensation for this ill...

Inside Iraq - Is Iraq an economic battleground?
Before launching his war to topple Saddam Husseins regime George Bush, the former US president, promised a strong independent Iraq. Instead the country has ...

Inside Iraq - Leaving Iraq
On August 2, Barack Obama, the US president, declared that the US "combat mission" in Iraq has reached its end. But as Iraq is entering its fifth month witho...

Witness - The Green Train
Filmmakers Rashed Radwan and Carmen Marques take us on a journey with an Iraqi train driver through the heart of modern Iraq - calling at stations once thou...


Salman Pak Iraq
Riding through Salman Pak

Inside Iraq - Iraq at a crossroads
Iraqs recent elections were supposed to give the country a fresh start, but the political wrangling is ongoing. Inside Iraq is joined by Robert Fisk, the In...

Family Guy - Iraq Lobster [HD]
Family Guy - Iraq Lobster [HD]

Inside Iraq - Iraq and the US election - Oct 24 - Part 1
The recent financial meltdown may mean the issue of most concern to Americans is the economy but the war in Iraq is bound to still be on voters minds come e...

Iraq Star- Irak Star Programı Iraktaki etnik ayrımı ortadan kaldırdı.
Saddam yönetiminin yıkılmasından sonra Irakta birçok özel televizyon açıldı. Bağdattan yayın yapan El Someriyye televizyonu bunlardan biri. El Someriyye, d...

Videos show Blackwater in Iraq running over woman.2006
Videos posted by Harpers Magazine show the private contractor formerly known as Blackwater in Iraq running over a woman with a car, smashing into Iraqis ca...

Inside Iraq - Peter Galbraith - 23 Oct 09
We discuss what role he may have played in Iraqi political affairs.

me shooting AK-47 in Iraq, jamming
My AK-47 jams while shooting in Iraq... but because of the cheap chinese ammo, not the weapon

Watch Major James Hitt with the 358 Civil Affairs Brigade in FOB Garry Owen near Amarah, Iraq
Watch Major James Hitt with the 358 Civil Affairs Brigade out of March Air Force Base in Calif. He has been in the military for 28 years. He is the Deputy Te...

Ek Tu hi bharosa [With Subs]
this one wonderful song from the movie *Pukar* so thought of sharing it with you people on here BY EDITING IT AND USING THE ACTUAL SCENES WHICH I THINK ARE S...

C Co 3-10 GSAB Camp Speicher, Iraq OIF 08-10 Made by SSG Cammack.wmv

Good Flying: Interview with a Blackhawk pilot in Iraq
Captain Andrea Ourada, a Minnesota National Guard Blackhawk helicopter pilot, tells the story of her first combat action in Iraq.

The Iraq Invasion Archive-George W Bush announces his illegal invasion of Iraq
The Iraq Archive- March 19, 2003 - This is the beginning of George W Bushs largest war crime, the illegal invasion of the sovereign country of Iraq. Note: P...

Mommy comes home from Iraq
My son seeing me for the first time in 8 months!!

The real truth for why war on iraq!!
The truth why Bush went to war with Iraq. Greg Palast investigates the Bush familys close ties to the bin Laden family and the Saudi royal family, and takes...

Hero the Iraq War Dog
Who says dogs arent family? A fallen soldiers Iraqi dog is sent home to the US to become part of his family and comfort them in memory. Lots of bigwigs spe...

Stedy-mob ft. Bulldizzle, Star Scope/ IceBurg- Iraq - Tribute to sillva finga
A bad ppl sytten/ Qbanz

Frost over the World - Iyad Allawi
The former Iraqi president and leader of the coalition that narrowly won the parliamentary elections held in March joins Sir David from Baghdad to talk about...

Street Battle in Iraq
US Marines on foot and in tanks from Camp Corregidore, Iraq battle insurgents in broad daylight.

toby kieth in iraq
live in balad iraq

Iraq Assyrian Christian Massacre
Rich-Civil War track off his album The Success. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish...

Co-ordinated car bombings in Iraq kill at least 17
On the eve of an important Muslim festival, a series of co-ordinated bomb blasts in Iraq have claimed the lives of at least seventeen people. Muharram is mas...

Bir Irak belgeseli O An--An iraq documentary film
Bir Irak belgeseli O An--An iraq documentary film

Naval War College, Discussion on Iraq, War on Terror (2007)
Today, President Bush Made Remarks At The Naval War College In Newport, Rhode Island. The President provided an update on the strategy the U.S. is pursuing i...

amerikan ve ingiliz askerlerin ırakta yarattıkları vahşet

Rise Against - Hero Of War unofficial music BTH
Rise Against - Hero of War Unofficial Music Video produced and made by students at Blekinge Institute of Technology 2009. The assignment was to produce and c...

Inside Iraq - Ahmed Chalabi
The Iraqi politician discusses the geopolitical struggle being played out between Iran and the US in Iraq.

Evin Agassi "Ya Marya Hayir" - Iraq Church Bombing 10/31/2010
The following video is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the massacre that took place October 31st, 2010 at Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad ...

Ken OKeefe - CNN Jan. 2003 - TJP Human Shields Iraq
In this interview OKeefe gets his estimates of Human Shield numbers wrong (about 500 Human Shields were in Baghdad at its peak), but he was right about ever...

Osher UCSD: Gen. Hoar on Iraq
Retired United States Marine Corps General Joseph Hoar gives a blistering critique of the Bush Administrations policies in Iraq and warns of potential disas...

Deformed babies in Fallujah Iraq reported by skynews
Thankyou to skynews for reporting this. Letter to United Nations- Young women in Fallujah in Iraq are terrified of having children because of the increasing ...

It is a shame that the US has not been charged and convicted for crimes against humanity for its use of Depleted Uranium (DU), until such time justice has no...

Christopher Hitchens - Best of the Iraq War Hitchslaps
Christopher Hitchens best clips from Iraq War debates. Hitchens was among the most eloquent and passionate advocates for the liberation of Iraq. Here is a co...

Michelle Obama Speeches: Design Awards, Careers in Science, End of Iraq War (2011)
The National Design Awards, founded in 2000, are funded and awarded by Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. There are seven official design categories, and...

blackwater snipers in iraq
Some blackwater snipers in iraq. This was in 2004 on a roof in najaf.

ONeill: Bush determined to invade Iraq from Day One. (2004)
Long before "9/11 changed everything", former Secretary of the Treasury Paul ONeill reveals that within days of taking office, President Bush was already pl...

Islamic Movement of Kurdistan Iraq Part 1
Kurdish Islamic Mujheedin in Kurdistan Iraq

2/10 BAS Iraq
dave in iraq

Think About It! Part 2 - Little Aussie Film that Brings Conscience to the 2003 Iraq Invasion Story
Starring David Gulpilil, Malcolm Fraser, Andrew Wilkie, Cindy Sheehan, John Pilger, Peter Garret, Dr Anas Al Tikriti, Prof. John Keane and many more... "As e...

VBIED HUGE Roadside bomb Iraq
Convoy hit Iraq massive Bomb hits Notice to Media Companys and Producers, Please contact for for use of the clip in any private ir public broadcasts. No fee ...

Imam Khomeini advising Iraq - Eng Sub
Leader of the Worlds Oppressed people and The Islamic Revolution, Founder of The Islamic Republic of Iran, H.E. Grand Ayatollah Imam Sayyed Ruhollah Musawi ...

U.S National Guard In Iraq
The greatest song by Eddy Grant Electric Avenue with the National Guard Thanks to SDbaseball23 for information This is the wisconsin national guard unit out ...

Maskeli Beşler Irak Iraq
Kısa görünülere devam

Aerobics Class (Cardio Blast!) LSA Anaconda, Balad Iraq-2007
Pablo Rodriguez instructing aerobics class at LSA Anaconda, Iraq in 2007.

Inside Iraq - Zainab Salbi - 14 Aug 09
Zainab Salbi, a critically acclaimed author, is the founder of Women to Women International, an organisation which helps women in post conflict zones. As an ...

Combat footage of US Marines in Fallujah, Iraq |Music Video|
3rd Battalion 1st Marines Fallujah,Iraq 2004. Footage shot and edited by Corporal Jan M. Bender. Music Seether-Out of my way

"IRAQ MARSH ARABS" presented by Over the Wire Films ~ Phin Percy & Julie Dermansky
Spread throughout Southern Iraq near the border with Iran, the Marshland Arabs rose against Saddam Hussein following Desert Storm from their nomadic territor...

Iraq Combat FGM-148 Javelin On Insurgent Position
U.S forces launch Javelin at an insurgent position in Iraq.

DJM - Masun Cocuklar (ırak, lübnan, filistin, iraq, lubenan)
Simdiki Savaslar sadece cocuklari katletmekten ve onlarin kucuk-masum dunyalarinin yani hayatlarinin yok edilmesinden ibarettir, diger butun sebep ve bahanel...

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